Paul and Adriana Renner

Paul and Adriana Renner

About Paul Renner

Paul was raised on the First Coast and has always believed that Northeast Florida is an outstanding place to live and work. His parents exemplified servant leadership and instilled a love of community in him from a young age-his father as a pastor and his mother through her service as a public school teacher. Paul attended public school and is committed to building a first-class education system that prepares kids for good jobs and bright futures.

After graduating from Davidson College, Paul joined the U.S. Navy and earned his commission as a Surface Warfare Officer. While on active duty, he served during combat operations in support of the ground offensive to liberate Kuwait in Operation Desert Storm. He also served as Small Boat Officer for the destruction of floating Iraqi contact mines.

After the Gulf War, Paul attended law school at the University of Florida and returned to public service as a state prosecutor. He was selected by his peers to supervise high-profile misdemeanor cases and later prosecuted serious felony offenses as a lead trial attorney in the Felony Trial Unit.

As a Commander in the Navy Reserves, Paul received orders to serve as an Intelligence Officer in Afghanistan in 2011. Paul led a team focused on counter-terrorism efforts, and was awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for his “direct and significant contribution to the disruption of foreign facilitation networks [that] led to the capture or arrest of numerous key network leaders, delivering a considerable blow against the enemies of our Nation.”

For twenty-three years, Paul has served both on active duty and in the reserves, receiving numerous commendations and awards.

Paul is married and lives in Palm Coast.