Expand Opportunity

Florida should become the “Opportunity State,” the top choice for those who want to get ahead in life, a place where effort is rewarded by a better future. This requires a first-class education system. I strongly support:

Choice in education, so that parents and students can choose the school that is best suited to each child’s educational needs.

Customized Learning. Even among siblings, every child learns differently. We should employ every available teaching resource to give each student a customized education. This might include tutors or online learning to supplement classroom instruction, when needed. The goal should be flexibility in the classroom and empowering parents outside the classroom, so that each child stays at or above grade level in all subjects.

Early College that allows high school students to gain college level credit or receive industry certifications prior to graduation. For those pursuing a college degree, this will help lower costs, so that graduates are not saddled with decades of student loan debt as they enter the workforce. For students who want to start their careers immediately, it will provide the necessary certifications to do so.